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Cannabis medical studies, member product reviews, how to use cannabis…and more. Enjoy the benefits of a cannabis lifestyle. Connect with like minded members!

Welcome to the Cannabis Lifestyle Community

This community was formed out of frustration with having to weed thru tons of articles and videos to find useful cannabis news and education. It takes time to filter out the advertisements disguised as news, and filter out the ‘bro and sister science’ in lieu of real medical studies. This is a forum for you to learn, stay current, hear from real experts, and share with other members. This is the fun association. And as we continue to grow, we will keep adding member benefits based on what our members want!

Member Profiles

Connect with members who use cannabis to treat illnesses, such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, cancer, and more…

Connect with members who simply use cannabis to improve their quality of life. Connect with the cannabis lifestyle…

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What are the best products? How do I use them? What works? What’s a scam!? 

There is a lot of bad information online. The CLA filters thru the one mess to save you time and money in a fun, easy to learn format.

Product Reviews

The CLA is not paid to endorse any products. So, we can guide you to products that have been lab tested and reviewed by CLA members, not fake reviews by employees of the manufacturer! 

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Pet Profiles

Connect with pet owners who use cannabis to treat their pets. Find out what has worked for them! 


Filter the bogus cannabis news! A lot of news articles are actually paid advertisements. 

The CLA filters the ads to bring you news about cannabis health, investment, and legal news.

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The top 5 Things You Should Know Before Trying CBD.

Member Reviews

I wanted to invest in companies growing in this crazy fast growing industry, but had no idea who the players are. I found 5 fast growing companies in minutes!
My parents had so many questions. The CLA has awesome info graphics and videos that explained everything...now they have more questions, but at least they're positive : p
Cool products. Can't wait to see the next reviews, although I don't know if I'm ready to try the coffee -ha.


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